Baby looking inside discovery box

Baby play idea using a tissue discovery box

Very simple baby play activity that turns a simple tissue box into a learning discovery box. Your baby will be occupied and have great fun playing and pulling out and exploring all the wonderful treasures that have been hidden inside. It's a game that they can play over and over again!  Poor Possum (aged 3 years) has been quite unwell this week and it has been the common parenting juggle of managing her illness with a baby. Boo (9 months) is on the move and into absolutely everything. You might have seen some of her shenanigans over on my Instagram account. It has been tiring to say the … [Read More...]

simple lemon slice kids can help make

Simple lemon slice recipe

Weather your looking for something to make with the kids, or needing something to whip up for your local school fete, this classic and very simple lemons slice … [Read More...]

Playing with playdough with different spices and smells. Wonderfully scented

Strong smelling playdough

The world is full of many different smells; some weird, wonderful and breathtakingly bad. In this post I use basic playdough and a mixture of strong smelling powders … [Read More...]


Baby play sensory bag

Struggling to know how to entertain your baby? Well here is simple play idea that is easy to make at home and your little one will have lots of fun with it. It's a … [Read More...]

Johnsons cover image


Johnson's ® is a company name that is familiar to most people, especially parents who care about their babies skin. It's a brand with products that have … [Read More...]