learning about emotions

Tool for teaching emotions in kids

I believe this is a tool that parents, teachers and therapists could use to potentially help their children learn more about emotions in a fun and interesting way. Emotions are a tricky thing and there is rarely a time in our lives that we are not dealing with them, be it our own or those around us. As children grow and develop they can also go through stages that will see them struggle to regulate or understand why they feel a particular way. Now let me be clear, I'm absolutely no expert in this area and we have our share of supermarket meltdowns, however, I like to think I try my … [Read More...]

Water beads

Water Beads

Have you ever heard of water beads? It recently found out how wonderful they are for sensory play. After finding a packet in a local craft store  I began posting a … [Read More...]

Easter Decoration made by toddler

Easter Egg Suncatcher

Easter is just around the corner and Possum and I have been having fun making this Easter egg suncatcher! It was so much fun for her to make and right now it's … [Read More...]

Patting the moon sand

Moon Sand

Brace yourselves because this is an awesome activity that your kids will love to play with. It's called moon sand and it's wonderful for sensory learning. What I … [Read More...]

Growing a Carrot Top for kids

How to grow a carrot top

Here are the instructions on how to grow a carrot top at home. This is a fabulous introduction to growing for children as it provides them with a basic form of … [Read More...]