Colour painting with droppers

Dropper Painting for Kids

If you're looking for an activity for your little one that is simple to set up, will have them engaged in learning about colours and developing fine motor skills then I present this fun and creative approach to painting. It's dropper painting for kids.   Possum (almost 3 years old) absolutely loved, loved, loved this painting activity. She really didn't want it to end and that only happened because I ran out of paper towelling. Doh! As you can imagine, paper towelling was added to the shopping list for us to play this … [Read More...]

sticker matching with kids

Sticker Matching Activity

Here is a fun sticker matching activity for kids. It's great to do with children who are beginning to recognise similarities and differences and making connections … [Read More...]

peach scented playdough

Peach scented play dough

Play dough is great fun for kids, especially when you know how to make peach scented play dough. It's so easy to make and the delicious scent will … [Read More...]

Paper cupcake flower craft for kids to make for spring

Cupcake paper flowers

Cupcake paper flowers is a simple craft for kids and is great way to teach them about Spring and the many changes we can experience in a … [Read More...]

how to fly a kite tutorial for a windy day

How to fly a kite

Do you know how to fly a kite? There are a few simple steps you can do to make flying a kite with your children successful and lots of fun.  We … [Read More...]

DIY Calming and quiet time glitter bottle

Quiet time glitter bottle

Unlike calming glitter bottles, a quiet time glitter bottle is designed for children who are just needing moments of rest and relaxation, rather than needing to … [Read More...]

decorating party hats

Decorating party hats

Children love to get creative using odd of bits and pieces found from around the home.  Here is a simple activity in decorating party hats, which children as … [Read More...]