playing with homemade glittery oobleck goo

Glittery Goo

This glittery goo was so very easy to make and can be whipped together using only 3 ingredients. Often called 'oobleck', this sparkly oozy recipe is great fun for children to play with independently or as a group.  This type of activity is wonderful for children of all ages to engage in and great for their sensory development. The oozy goo feels interesting between the fingers and the addition of the glitter makes it quite irresistible for those who are a little reluctant to get involved and get a bit messy.  Recommended Age: 2.5 years … [Read More...]

Simple and easy weetbix slice recipe kids can help make

Weetbix slice kids can make

Weetbix slice kids can make I love getting into the kitchen and cooking with Possum (2.5 years) whenever I can. I admit I'm not a fancy cook, but fortunately kids … [Read More...]

handmade wrapping paper with cardboard shape stamps

Cardboard shape stamps

    We always have lots of painting activities on our 'to do' list and I was pleased to finally get around to doing this one, cardboard shape stamps. It's not a new … [Read More...]

How to make sherbet. Simple recipe that is also a great science activity for kids

How to make sherbet

Kids love science and this is one activity that also provides a sensory taste sensation that some might really enjoy. Here is a basic recipe in how to make … [Read More...]

DIY fine motor activity of threading straw beads

DIY threaded straw necklace

Possum (2.5 years) is very much into making things at the moment, especially things that can be worn. The weather has been very cold lately and so we have found … [Read More...]

Coloured number counting tubes for kids

Coloured Counting Tubes

It is absolutely true to say that before learning to count a child needs to understand 'one to one correspondence', which is having the skills to be able to match an … [Read More...]


Dragonfly craft for kids

There is something so wonderful about dragonflies, something magical and interesting. Possum (2.5 years) was interested to learn more about them when we came across … [Read More...]