Vegemite and cheese scrolls

Vegemite and cheese scrolls

These bite-size vegemite and cheese scrolls will have you making a baking them with your children time and time again. They are quick to make and are a great addition to any school lunch box. Perfect for any Australia Day gathering too!  I wouldn't dare tell you how many of these delicious Vegemite and cheese scrolls I ate once they were removed from the oven. I may or may not have burnt my tongue trying to eat one before it had cooled. Fact is, they are seriously so delicious and I was inspired to make them with Australia Day only being just around the corner.  Have you ever … [Read More...]

how to make Aussie damper bread for Australia Day

How to make Damper Bread

Do you know how to make damper bread? Damper is a traditional dense Australian soda bread that long ago was made by stockmen traveling long distances and carrying … [Read More...]

Shaving cream art activity for kids

Shaving Cream Art Activity

Here is a fun shaving cream art activity that your children will love to play with. It doesn't require many materials and is very quick and easy to set up. Before … [Read More...]

binoculars craft

DIY Eye Spy Binoculars

I always find it very heart warming listening to Possum (aged 3 years) discover new things. When we are out and about she is constantly pointing to things she … [Read More...]

Colour painting with droppers

Dropper Painting for Kids

If you're looking for an activity for your little one that is simple to set up, will have them engaged in learning about colours and developing fine motor … [Read More...]