How to make sherbet. Simple recipe that is also a great science activity for kids

How to make sherbet

It was in my last year of teaching that my fellow co-workers and I decided to do a science rotation with the kids. I was very keen on doing something that would have an impressive 'wow factor' and highlight that science is cool! What better way than teaching them a recipe in how to make sherbet? I found a recipe online that included bi-carb soda, however, I couldn't get past the disgusting bi-carb taste and so I simplified it, which in my opinion, greatly improved its taste. It also meant that it was only going to take 2 ingredients to make. Recommended age: 2.5 years How to make … [Read More...]

DIY fine motor activity of threading straw beads

DIY threaded straw necklace

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Coloured number counting tubes for kids

Coloured Counting Tubes

It is absolutely true to say that before learning to count a child needs to understand 'one to one correspondence', which is having the skills to be able to match an … [Read More...]


Dragonfly craft for kids

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Fairy princess no sew castle for kids

DIY no sew princess castle

Possum absolutely loves all forms of pretend play and one of her absolute favourite roles is being a princess. This will always see her grabbing a fluffy dress, … [Read More...]