Collecting leaves from nature walk

Large scale leaf art activity

Children love making art on a large scale and so here is a large scale leaf art activity that is simple to set up and engaging for children. Going on a nature hunt and finding a variety of leaves, adding them to a sticky surface or large piece of paper is lots of fun for kids and looks wonderful when displayed. This can be a great activity to do during the Autumn or Winter... or just at any time of the year, really.  We live in an area with a wide variety of trees and other plant life and so when Autumn and Winter arrive we are always motivated to try and get outdoors and … [Read More...]


Baby play sensory bag

Struggling to know how to entertain your baby? Well here is simple play idea that is easy to make at home and your little one will have lots of fun with it. It's a … [Read More...]

Johnsons cover image


Johnson's ® is a company name that is familiar to most people, especially parents who care about their babies skin. It's a brand with products that have … [Read More...]

pretty twirling ribbon wands

Simple twirling ribbon wands

These beautiful and simple twirling ribbon wands are great fun for kids. Perfect way to get them moving their body and possibly incorporating a little imaginary play … [Read More...]


Paper plate crowns

Children of all ages will have fun making simple paper plate crowns or hats. They are easy to make and a great way for children to get creative and possibly get … [Read More...]

Sensory writing bag for preschoolers. Fine motor activity.

Sensory writing bag

These sensory writing bags are a great alternative to giving children pen and paper. They can be used to encourage early or beginning writers to make attempts at … [Read More...]

Gorgeous and simple fairy garden

How to make a fairy garden

Children love fairy gardens, they are magical and great for imaginative play. Surprisingly to some, they are actually really very easy to make and don't have to cost … [Read More...]

Delicious cupcake using bananas

Easy banana cupcake recipe

Here is an easy banana cupcake recipe kids can make and enjoy as a delicious afternoon snack. The ingredients are commonly found in the kitchen pantry and … [Read More...]