How to grow a carrot top

Here are the instructions on how to grow a carrot top at home. This is a fabulous introduction to growing for children as it provides them with a basic form of responsibility to look after and help it grow. So much can be observed over the days it sprouts and grows up tall. Changes can also be recorded on paper.

How to grow a carrot top
Have you ever given your child an experience of gardening or growing a plant from a seed? It’s wonderfully fascinating for young minds to observe changes over time and it also teaches them lots about how plants grow and what they need for survival.

Previously I have taught you how to grow crystals indoors, but this time we are going to learn how to grow a carrot top! We seem to eat an abundance of carrots in our family and so it wasn’t hard to set up this experiment.

You will need

  • Carrot top (2-3 cm from stem with some root growth remaining on top)
  • Shallow dish
  • 10 Cotton wool
  • Water
  • Sunny and protected spot

Growing a Carrot Top for kids

How to grow a carrot top

Simply add a layer of cotton balls to your small dish. Add a light dribble of water over the cotton balls so they are wet but not completely flooded with water. Press your carrot top into the wet cotton balls and place the dish in a sunny location. Be sure to check that the cotton balls remain wet throughout the growing period. You do not want to dry them out.

It will take a few days for children to see the carrot top begin to grow, however, once it starts it will grow quite quickly when in the right conditions.

Carrot top growing for science

Learning involved

This activity that is so simple to set up teaches children

  • How a root vegetable grows (science)
  • Developing a sense of responsibility in looking after it
  • Observational skills
  • Plant care

Of course it is possible to grow other root vegetables so why not give your child a chance to experiment a few different types and record their findings. Have them test to see if there is a difference between growth rate when

What other root vegetables could you grow in this way?

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    • Kate says

      Excellent question Sheila and thank you for asking it Unfortunately it will not grow into an actual carrot if placed in soil as it will not produce any seeds.

  1. beth says

    Can you please tell me eat to do with a sweet potato to get it to grow roots. I am doing something wrong –

    • Kate says

      Hmmmm I think it’s all in the choosing of the sweet potato Beth. You’d need to find one that has some evidence of root growth for it to start growing, otherwise it’s like attempting to grow something cubed. If I was going to try and grow a sweet potato I would skewer the sides with toothpicks and hover it over the top of a jar full of water. See how you go. :)

  2. says

    Growing things on the window sill is such a great way to get kids interested and learning about plants and this idea is so doable for everyone!
    You guys should grow a sweet potato next… you’ll be amazed at how much it grows!

  3. Karen Salinas says

    buy organic veggies as the other type may have chemicals for esthetic reasons including pesticides- this will inhibit root growth


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