Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids

Maggy Woodley is the craft guru behind the well known blog, ‘Red Ted Art’.
You can visit her blog hereIt is very exciting to announce that she has recently released her very own book called Red Ted Art : Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids’. 

I was fortunate to get my hands on a copy I was really impressed with the content. 

 Possum clearly was too as she wanted to carry this book around constantly!

This is a book that all parents should get their hands on. 
Here are just some of the reasons why I like it. 

  • 60+ adorable crafts that kids can do (ages 2+)
  • Crafts are really easy for parents to prepare and assist children to do
  • All crafts use items found around the house and garden (sticks, socks etc)
  • Crafts cater for a variety of ages and skill levels
  • Many pieces are decorative and children would proudly display 
  • Steps in creating each piece are well explained through the book 
  • Crafts will simply inspire the creative minds of children
Not often do these great craft books come along. 
I know this will be one I’ll be passing down generations. 
It really is that good!

X Kate

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