Fun Activity for Kids using Wool

Fun activity for kids using wool on contact paper
Here is a simple and fun activity that you can do with kids of any age using contact paper and wool. In the past I’ve used contact paper and leaves, as well as contact and tissue paper but here is something a little different but just as much fun if not more! 
Fun activity for kids using wool on contact paper
It was in my local craft store that I’d spotted this adorable coloured ball of wool. Once I got home I decided to start roughly snipping at the thread and making lengths of wool 5cm-8cm in length. Children helping prepare for this activity can obviously use formal or informal ways of measuring or simply making an estimate
Possum was watching me as I was doing this and it gave me an opportunity to discuss and highlight the colours that were appearing and disappearing. 
Fun activity for toddlers and babies using contact paper
Now for the fun to begin - 
I quickly set up a sheet of contact paper, sticky surface exposed, and secured it with tape. I then presented her with the opportunity to combine the two, the sticky surface of the contact paper and the soft pieces of wool. 
I found that she enjoyed grabbing huge clumps of wool and pressing it to the sticky surface. She was thrilled with how it stayed there once her hand moved away. This encouraged her to add more and more! 
As she played I started describing her actions to help build on her own language vocabulary and understanding. For example, ‘Possum that’s a BIIIIIIIG hand full of wool’. LOL 
Fun activity for toddlers and babies using contact paper
For the moments that Possum would walk away from this activity, I took the opportunity to lightly secure the strands by pressing them with my hand. :) 
This activity can absolutely be done on a table top or similar, I works just as well. I do like, however, that when done upright it helps to strengthen large muscle groups in the arm. Obviously however you choose to do this activity it’s great for supporting fine motor muscles in the hand as they pick (or grab) the woollen pieces.
Fun activity for toddlers and babies using contact paper

This became an ever changing piece of art work, which I adore. Possum would add strands but later found great enjoyment in pulling all the pieces off the sticky surface and hearing the ripping sound as she did it. 

Fun activity for toddlers and babies using contact paper
What I also love about this activity is that it’s flexible and any age can create something amazing using stands of wool. Instead of randomly adding pieces I have actually gone about creating a scene. This can really get the creative juices flowing. 
There are so many wonderful activities you can do with a sticky contact surface. Here are a few others that I would like to suggest you visit - 
Fun activity for toddlers and babies using contact paperFun activity for toddlers and babies using contact paper
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Go and dig out those dusty balls of wool and put them to use. It’s a great activity that I’m sure your children will love to do at home. 
Kate x
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    Love this idea! :) Will have to give it a go – Miss Daisy went on a wool cutting spree the other day so this will be perfect to use all the random sized pieces she cut! :)


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